Project Communications and Dissemination

We develop a comprehensive plan for communicating and disseminating project information to targeted stakeholders, with the aim of generating the right awareness and attracting early adopters.

We help you answer your project's most important dissemination and communications questions

How do we engage stakeholders?

How do we develop the right visual identity?

Which are the most effective communications channels?

How do we partner with the right organizations and projects to attract stakeholders?

How to I manage the right workshops, events and round-tables?

Project Communication and Dissemination Services

Dissemination and Communications Plan

We analyze the project and develop a comprehensive exploitation plan as well as all exploitation-related data collection documents.

Dissemination and Communications Management

Day to day management of exploitation activities and continuous communication with project partners in relation to exploitation.

Stakeholder Engagement

Identification, management and protection of project results. Development of IP management plan to minimize and mitigate IP-related risks.

Communications Content

Assessment of competing technologies and competitor profiling. Creation of a comprehensive competitor report.

Event Management

Analysis of the market and current business environment, to assess projected performance of project results.

Visual Identity

We identify and monitor exploitation related Key Performance Indicators to ensure projects stay on track.

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Read some of our resources on project communications and dissemination using the links below. Access guides, insights, templates and frameworks.

Checklist: Building a Communication Strategy for your Project

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