Research is key for all businesses; we take the time to understand your business and goals, empathize with your users, and learn about your competition and the problems or opportunities you seek to address.

Our research services let us understand the full picture

User research and UX success

Customer research

Competition analysis

Market Mapping

Market research and Insights

Idea Validation

Project Results Exploitation Services

User Research

We analyze the project and develop a comprehensive exploitation plan as well as all exploitation-related data collection documents.

Customer Research

Day to day management of exploitation activities and continuous communication with project partners in relation to exploitation.

Competition Analysis

Identification, management and protection of project results. Development of IP management plan to minimize and mitigate IP-related risks.

Market Research and Insights

Assessment of competing technologies and competitor profiling. Creation of a comprehensive competitor report.

KPI Development

Analysis of the market and current business environment, to assess projected performance of project results.

Idea Validation

We assess the various commercialization options for project results, from licensing to direct sales.

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