Project Management Services

We stay right by your side at every stage of the project, from the planning stages to execution and project termination. We will assist you with estimation, budgeting, scheduling, project processes, administrative reports, etc.

We help you answer your most important project management questions

How do I find the right partners to execute my project?

How do I optimize project resources?

What KPIs do I need to track to ensure success?

How do I find financing for my project?

Can my project be funded by a grant?

Our Project Management Services

Outsource your Project Management

Let us handle your project's day-to-day so you can focus on what is most important to you.

Multi-company Projects

We are highly experienced in multi-company and multi-country projects of multiple stakeholders.

Project Feasibility Assessments

We help you identify the technical, practical, economical and legal feasibility of your project.

Multidisciplinary Projects

We are experienced in multi-disciplinary projects in multiple fields: IT and apps, IOT, Renewable energy, Consumer services and Energy efficient buildings.

Risk Management

We help you prepare your risk management plan and issue management plan to ensure your projects stay on track.

Resource Optimization

optimizing your resources will directly impact your projects return-on-investment.

Scalability Analysis

We analyze the scalability of your project or product in additional markets based on market conditions and growth possibilities.

KPI Management

We identify and monitor Key Performance Indicators to ensure your project stays on track.

Intellectual Property Register for Projects Template

A Free template to help you track IP in research projects

Are you managing IP in a research project? Use our template to identify and track IP easily.

Managing Key Exploitable Results in Projects

A Free template to help you manage Key Exploitable Results in Projects

Are you managing KERs in a research project? Use our excel template to collect KER related data easily

Read our Project Management Resources

Check out the links below to read some of our Project Management Resources where you will find key insights, frameworks, guides and documents that will help you manage your next big project.

The 25 most important KPIs to track the success of your App Dev project

Exploitation of Project Results

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